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Allergy Test Scam

26/3/2019 Allergy Test Australia: Anybody have experience with or using this company?

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Allergy Test Scam

26/3/2019 Allergy Test Australia: Anybody have experience with or using this company?

G Need Help Just testing the waters to see if anybody here has used this company ‘Allergy Test Australia’, they seem pretty legit, but due to the generic name I haven’t been able to find any reviews. I am aware of my lactose intolerance, but am wanting a full test to be done to figure out some of the stomach/physical health issues I’ve been having.

Sergeant_Rainbow 4 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

This company is a complete fraud, do not waste your money on them.

First off, they call their site “allergy test Australia” but in their FAQ they explain they do not test allergies. They instead claim to test “sensitivities”. They do so using a “certified” machine that has no scientific backing whatsoever. You could probably send them anything, hair, fiber, grass, some old plastic straws, and they would still hand you some result because in all likelyhood they just chuck your letter in the trash and generate a random results file.

Their machine they use for hair testing is based on the made up science called “bio resonance” which you can read about here:

Akin to a scientology E-Meter it is just taking random noise and then inferring meaning to it. I’m appalled that they are even allowed to exist, let alone scam people who probably need real help with their issues.

Where do they get their stories off success? Well, most people who ask for this service probably have some sort of dietary issue, hence why else do this thing? Chances are that if you start changing your diet based on random chance you will eventually get SOME people who by luck get it right.


MajorBear 3 points · 8 months ago

hair allergy test isn’t scientifically proven

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fatheadus 1 point · 6 months ago

It’s definitely one of these new age scams, sort of like the homeopathic version of testing. I didn’t personally get tested, but my wife thought it’d be a hoot when it was cheap couple of years back, so she put us both in it. The outcome was that it completely missed her coeliac disease and said I was sensitive to carrots. I milked the carrot thing for all it was worth for a week then I told her we got scammed so ended up having to eat carrots again 😀

The upshot is, as always, do some research (yes google it) and make sure you add the word
SCAM to your search.

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