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Allergy Test Scam

26/3/2019 Allergy Test Australia: Anybody have experience with or using this company?

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Your visit

Our goal at Allergy Doctors is to provide quality individualized allergy care in a timely manner. “No-shows” or late cancellations inconvenience those individuals who need access to allergy care in a timely manner.

Therefore, it is necessary to cancel your scheduled appointment at least 24 hours in advance or a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged.

Preparing for your first visit

1. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out essential clinical information
2. Please stop all medications as listed below for 3 days before the visit as this can interfere with the skin test result


  • Loratadine: Claratyne, Allereze, Chemists own Loratadine, Clarinase Repetabs, Lorapaed, Lorastyne,
  • Desloratadine: Aerius, Claramax,
  • Fexofenadine: Telfast, Allerfexo, Chemist’s Own Fexo, Fexal, Fexotabs, Tefodine, Telfast decongestant, Xergic,
  • Cetirizine: Zyrtec, Alzene, Apo-Cetirizine, Zap Allergy, Zilarex, Zodac,
  • Earlier generation anti-histamines: Periactin, Polaramine, Avil, Phenergan, or Vallergan.
  • Antihistamines (doxylamine, pyrilamine, pheniramine, diphenhydramine) are also often used in cold and flu tablets/mixtures such as Dimetapp, Benadryl

*Moisturisers and creams: do not apply moisturisers or creams to your back or forearms on the day of the visit (this is where a skin test will be performed, if required). Please continue using your creams on other parts of the body if required

***Do not stop your asthma medications (ventolin, preventer inhalers or Singulair).

3. What to bring to your appointment

  • Please bring all of your medications and any relevant medical records to your appointment if possible
  • Fresh foods: if you suspect that you have had an immediate allergic reaction (within 60 minutes of ingestion) to particular food, please bring this food or packaging to the appointment. There is no need to bring in foods that most commonly cause food allergy (cow’s milk, soy, egg, wheat and nuts) as we have these extracts available for testing.
  • Photos: especially if you are concerned about an unexplained rash.
  • Past investigations: including blood and allergy test results performed by other doctors.
  • Medicare card, Child’s health centre booklet.

4. Other children

Where practical it would be preferable if only the child whom is being assessed attends the appointment. Alternatively, some parents find it useful having another carer look after other children who wait outside the consulting room, allowing parents to focus on their child’s assessment.

Your doctor will provide you a comprehensive consultation, allergy tests and make recommendations. In many cases, allergy can be clearly diagnosed in your first visit. You will leave with an allergy management plan which includes the most effective and safest treatment for your condition.

As we treat many people with severe food allergies, please do not eat food in the waiting room.

The most important step in allergy management is correctly identifying the cause

Allergy Doctors provide professional, proven and accessible solutions to your allergy problems.

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